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Studio Pangaro is a full-service string instrument shop specializing in the setup, repair, and restoration of upright bass, cello, and guitar. Located in Davis Square, Somerville MA, with customers across the Boston area.

Double Bass

As a bassist, I pay special attention to setup, as well as innovations in materials and repair processes. I love all things bass: whether it's dialing in your action or building a custom C-extension.


Not a big violin, not a mini bass, the cello has its own set of needs. Rather than stick to any set doctrine, I start with 'spec' setup, and then adjust the sounds and playability to each player's needs.


Guitar was my first instrument, and at heart, I'm still a guitar geek. From electric setup to acoustic overhauls, I can get your fretted friend playing great again.

In the Studio

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About Studio Pangaro

I’ve been a luthier as long as I’ve been a musician. Unable to leave well enough alone, I always ended up taking my instruments apart and tinkering with them while I should have been practicing. This habit only got worse when I started playing double bass, and has stuck with me over the past 25 years, through a BA in sociology, a Masters in engineering, and a fifteen-year career as a product designer.

Years ago, I found myself in New York looking for a career change, and wanting to build on the skills I'd kept on the back burner for most of my life. I was lucky enough to meet David and Judy Gage at a time when they were looking for an additional luthier. This turned into two years at a workbench 6 feet away from David. During that time, I saw more basses (and bass injuries) than most people see in a decade, and nursed them back to health alongside five of the best bass luthiers in the business. At Gage, I learned how a busy shop runs, how to work quickly but carefully, and most importantly how to scope the work according to the player's needs. Whether it's an endpin breaking an hour from curtain, a student on a budget, or a family heriloom restored to its former glory, we did it all.

After a while, it was time to move the family out of New York. Here in Somerville, MA Studio Pangaro specializes in the meticulous setup, repair, and restoration of double bass, cello, and acoustic and electric guitar. I look forward to working with you.


Studio Pangaro is located in the heart of Davis Square, Somerville.

It's a short walk from the Red Line MBTA stop, and parking is available.

Hours are by appointment only, but I can often accomodate last-minute requests!